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‘All Saints’ Has got Talent!’

What’s my Gift? What can I do with it?

If you were to ask your friends or family, ‘What am I good at?’ or ‘What’s my gift or talent?’ What would they say? Would they say the same thing as you?

                            Make a simple flower from whatever you have to hand (paper, lolly sticks, tape or glue, pens,                             crayons). Make enough petals to represent each member of your family; or group of friends; or                             friends from church. On each petal write the gift that you think they have – one for each                             person.

                           Or you might like to think about your own gifts and draw a picture of you using that gift.    


Gifts of the Spirit

Paul writes in his letter to the Corinthians (people of Corinth) that there are different kinds of spiritual gifts and there are different ways to serve God – but they all come from the one Spirit and it is the same God that helps us in all we do.

He gives some examples here and in Romans 12:6-8

What do you think these spiritual gifts might be? Which ones do you think you might have?

Have a go at a crossword, word scramble, or word search to find out some of the gifts. (For those in church in person, there are some print outs on the front pew). Colour in or highlight any that you think you have been given. If you don’t know what your spiritual gift given by God is – how could you find out?  


Theme: Caring for Others  

In our service today we’ll hear about two people who really needed Jesus’ healing power. They had such faith in Him they asked for his help – and Jesus helped them.   

On a piece of paper, draw round your hand. Cut it out and inside write or draw a person or place that needs Jesus’ help. Colour in or decorate the fingers. You might want to put this somewhere where it will remind you to pray for the person or place. Prayer is one way we can show we have faith in Jesus.

Jesus often got close to people that no-one else wanted to know. Do you know anyone that other people don’t seem to like or be friendly with? What could you do to be like Jesus and make them feel welcomed and cared for?  


Theme:  Jesus calms our fears

This week we’ll hear about how scared Jesus’ friends were when a storm blew up when they were crossing a lake on a boat. Jesus was able to calm the storm.

Think about the things that some people are afraid of (e.g. spiders; heights; being ill; falling out with friends etc.) – you might be able to think of lots more. Write these down on one small piece of paper each.  Make a boat from an egg box, a straw and a paper sail (see  for inspiration).  Put the ‘fears’ in the bottom of the boat. On the sail, write or draw some things that help you to find your courage (e.g. a piece of music? friends encouragement? being in a safe place?).

You might want to include some of the things the Bible tells us about not being afraid, for example

    ‘Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go’ - Joshua 1:9     ‘Trust the Lord. Be brave and strong and trust the Lord.’ - Psalm 27:14

    ‘I am Jesus. Don’t be afraid’ - (Mark 6:50) 


Theme:  Little things grow into big things!

This week we will explore the story Jesus told in Mark 4 about what it is like to live with God, or to be in God’s Kingdom. He said it is like a little mustard seed which is tiny but when someone plants it in the garden, it grows and becomes so big that birds can make nests in its branches! Jesus reminds us that little things that might not seem important can grow into huge things that are really significant. Even the little things we do to help others can have a big impact.  

Have a guess at what size a mustard seed might be. Smaller or bigger than 1 millimetre? Draw or make (use play dough, Lego, recycling stuff - whatever you have to hand) a mustard seed and then the tree that you think it will grow into (don’t forget the birds and nests!).

Think of a small thing you could do to help someone else. What difference do you think it will make?

Plant a seed when you get home and see how slowly/quickly it grows. What helped it grow well?


This week we will be thinking about what it means when Jesus calls us brothers and sisters and what it is to be a Church Family. Our activity today is to think about our own family and the family they share at church. Using the tree template draw and colour in leaves or faces adding them to the tree. Writing the names or if not known perhaps think about the qualities in people you appreciate and enjoy.

If you prefer instead of drawing you could cut out leaves or faces and stick them on. At the end we will give thanks for all the people who make up our church family.

30 MAY

Why not have a go at baking some pretzels from the bake through Lent recipe book or using play-dough, string or Plasticine to make the Celtic symbol for trinity as shown to the left. There is also a trinity activity to print out and make at home.

23 MAY

As it is the birthday of the Church we are celebrating and what party is complete without a cake. How about making a mug cake and adding a birthday candle. You can find a recipe and how to video here. You can also make a kite! as we think about how the Holy Spirit moves. You can find the simple instructions here and if in church there will be a table with everything you need.

16 MAY

Christian Aid activity sheet

Christian Aid colouring sheet


This week we talk about how Jesus calls all of us his friends. You have some great choices of activities today. You can make a friendship bracelet using thread, here is a youtube video which may give you some inspiration or think about what you value most in a friend and with that list draw a picture that tells us about it.


The last Supper Crossword and Word search

In the story about the Ethiopian Eunuch we hear that it was only when he fully understood in a language that made sense to him that the truth of Jesus could be heard. Why not try and learn a new language…..ok so a single service probably isn’t enough time but why not try learning the Morse Code and writing a message using it. Perhaps start by writing your name using Morse Code. Here is the Morse Code Alphabet to get you started.


John 10 Bible Verse Colouring Sheet and Word search…

Why not have a go at rewriting the story we read in John 10 about the Good Shepherd in a way you could tell your friends. Or using the letters in Shepherd as the first letter of each line to create a poem about what the story means to you.


Today we are thinking about how some of Jesus’s disciples did not recognise him when he met them on the road to Emmaus after his resurrection.  To help us think about how we sometimes cannot see what is in front of us we have an activity to create a hidden message.

Here is what you will need:

    1) White wax:

          a. You could use a white birthday candle or a bigger candle. Alternatively you can use a white wax crayon.

    2) Watercolour paint

    3) Paintbrush with broad brush tip

    4) White Paper

On your paper using your white wax write a message (perhaps tell someone you love them or share a kind message). Then once written using your water paint  and brush to reveal your message.

Alternatively you could design your own ‘Walk with Jesus’ Flip Flops using this template. Get as creative as you like. You could write on in, colour or stick bits


Have a look at the different resources and activities on this page and on Activities 2020 - have a go at any you haven't yet tried. Alternatively if you have a Eggcellent Easter Party Activity pack and haven’t finished all of them this might be the ideal time.

28 MARCH - Palm Sunday

This week is to plan and make your own Easter Garden for Holy Week. Last year Noah and I made a video to help explain how (so if you would like a refresher you could watch it again). You could plan one using Lego or draw it out on paper. You could use playmobil or mini figures, junk modelling or anything that takes your fancy. Everyone is very welcome to join in.


The theme for today is: 10 Commandments and Jesus Clears the Temple

Ten Commandments Song - A fun song to help us memorise the ten commandments.

Grab a bible and look at the two different readings for today. The Old Testament reading lists the 10 commandments and the Gospel reading tells the story of when Jesus cleared the temple. Which one grabs your interest?

I’d like you to think about the things that make you cross and angry. Perhaps it is someone that annoys you, or when you are asked to do something you don’t want to do, or perhaps it is something like climate change or injustice in the world or people not being treated fairly.

Sometimes it is right to be angry, especially when we know someone or something is being mistreated.

Can you think of 10 rules/commandments to help us all today? Perhaps it could be 10 rules to stop climate change or 10 rules for your home or 10 rules for church.  You could write them, draw them, build them….I look forward to seeing what you come up with.


The theme for today is: Take up your cross

This week I would love you to create a cross. You can use anything. Perhaps recycle boxes, Lego, you could paint or draw.

As you make your cross think about what it means to you to be a Christian and what carrying a cross might feel and look like today. Is it easy to tell people you are a Christian, if you were to be asked why do you believe in Jesus and what difference does it make? What would you say?

LENT 2021

Lenten Countdown Calendar - to help us in our countdown to Easter Sunday

Bake through Lent - Some recipes to try during Lent

21 FEBRUARY 2021

The theme for today is: Rainbow (God’s Promise). The activity today focus’ on our Old Testament reading of the very famous story of Noah and the Ark.

The rainbow symbol is used as a sign of hope, a promise from God that we will not be forgotten and that his rescue plan came to us in the form of Jesus. Rainbows have been used a lot in the last year to help us remember even in the midst of a storm, when the rain is pouring down, the smallest amount of light can create a beautiful rainbow. We can be that light for others.

You will find a printout of the Rainbow Craft in this section, you will need some glue, colouring pens or pencils, string and ideally some card.

Cut out the different elements on the printout, stick them to the card and using the string tie the raindrops to the button, creating a mobile. You could also make it cutting different bits of paper, glitter, paint, anything you like (remembering to help clean up :-))

14 FEBRUARY 2021

The challenge this week is to think about what it means to be the body of Christ. Listen to the words being said carefully and using the blank body outline template doodle, write, colour or draw the different things that come

to mind.

You might want to think through the following questions:

What is The Body of Christ to me?

Which part of the body do I connect with most? Why?

How does it make me feel?

Alternatively, you might want to think about what Church and knowing Jesus means to you and colour in the

‘We are Church’ print out.


The theme for today is ‘True light for everyone'. Thinking about situations and people where it is hard to love or show light. Use play-dough, modelling clay, pipe cleaners, Plasticine or anything you can get your hands on to model that person, situation or a representation of that person or situation.

Using a torch (perhaps the one you got at Christmas) shine the light onto your model. As you do ask God to

help you shine light and give the Light from Jesus to everyone.

Sunday 31 January 2021

Today we are looking at a special occasion in the Bible where Jesus is presented in the temple for the very first time. Using the art on the sheet and the words from Luke 2: 22-40 as inspiration create your own artwork titled ‘Presentation of Christ’.

You can use any media you like; paint, pens, bricks, Lego, clay - let your imagination run free.

Sunday 24 January 2021

Today we are looking at Jesus’ very first miracle. We read in John 2: 1-11 that Jesus is a guest at a wedding and when they run out of wine Jesus’ mother, Mary asks Jesus’ to help.

The challenge is to take something very ordinary like a toilet roll (whole or just the inner) and make it into something extraordinary! If you don’t have a toilet roll or would prefer to use something else you can. Perhaps you could make some clothing, make an ornament, create a wind chime by cutting a spiral, re-purpose the toilet roll into an amazing pen pot or glasses case. Or find something else very ordinary around your home and make something extraordinary and unexpected with it.

Sunday 17 January 2021

You may want to watch this cartoon before or on a different device during the service.

As part of the service we will be thinking about what it is to hear God. I wonder if you can come up with a new invention to help you listen or perhaps you could make a 'megaphone' or something that will make your voice louder (Sorry parents ☺) or perhaps see if you can make a cup and string talking device.

Sunday Service 3 January 2021

Epiphany House Blessing

EPIPHANY STAR - Be creative as you like and make as many as you like by creating an Epiphany Star or doing one of the other suggestions below.

• Epiphany star print out You could look at Matthew 2:1–12 in the Bible and write your own version of the story.

• Think of ‘Star words’ – words that would encourage you or others on a journey as we step into 2021. You could look at the bible and find verses that encourage you. Perhaps you could find a way to share them with others.

Epiphany Star Colouring - you will need

markers/crayons/coloured pencils

a stick/straw/dowel/popsicle stick/etc.


• Colour and cut out both sides of the star.

• If you want to add embellishments, tape some ribbon to the back side of one of your stars or to the stick.

• Tape a stick (or a straw, dowel, popsicle stick, etc.) to the back side of one of your stars and glue the back sides of both stars together.