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Challenges for young or young at heart.

Sunday Service 22 November

25 Bible Verses Countdown to Christmas

Remembrance Sunday 8 November

Activity ideas

Royal British Legion poppy

Sunday Service 4 October

In one of our Bible readings today it says

‘Wait for the Lord;
             be strong, and let your heart take courage;
             wait for the Lord!’

I would love you to think about when it is difficult to wait for something and how difficult it can be to be patient. The activity is to come up with a game or something else that will help you wait patiently.

You could draw it or write about it or even make it. Here are some ideas to get you going: What about Church top trumps, or a Lego challenge or countdown clock.  

Let your imaginations go wild! I very much look forward to seeing them later.

Sunday Service 27 September

Please have a conker or something else to remind you of nature that you can hold in your hand.

You may also like to have a pen and paper ready to take part in today’s service activity.

Sunday Service 6 September

Heart Lego Build Challenge - Thinking about loving other people, create a Lego model that would help us love people even when we might find it hard. It might be something to make us smile, or a fun friendship machine, or an automatic kindness booth….let your imagine go wild. I am so excited to see what you come up with.

Summer Fun for the Young and Young at Heart!

Here is a bundle of fun for you to enjoy at your convenience. To make the most out of some of the packs,

you may like to have a bible to hand.


Road Trip Activity Pack (aimed at under 6's) a great pack to use on car journeys.

Exploring Peter Activity Sheets (aimed at 7-11yrs)

Exploring Paul Activity Sheets (aimed at 7-11yrs)

Creative Sermon Notes for Children - This is a great tool to use in services

Hebrews for beginners! This is appropriate for all ages and could be fun for adults to try.

Sunday Service 9 August

The 5 Finger Prayer

Sunday Service 19 July

Parable activity sheet


Sewing Weeds Craft

Sewing Weeds Colouring sheet

Sunday Service 21 June

This week we have some special craft activities and have some craft packs we would love to share with you (most suitable for pre-school and primary ages but all ages can enjoy). If you would like a craft pack, please let

us know by completing this request form, that way we can make sure we have enough. You can collect your

pack from outside your chosen church building on Saturday (20th) between 2-4pm.

Sunday Service 14 June

The challenge this week is based around Psalm 100. Using any of the imagery seen in the psalm create a drawing, sculpture, lego build or facemask of a sheep thinking about what it means to be one of God's sheep. Or create a noise maker or find something to make a noise with (sorry parents!) or take some time to sit and reflect listing all the things you are grateful for.

Sunday Service 31 May

Please find attached a colouring sheet. There will also be other task options given at the start of the service for those who fancy doing something different.

Pentecost colouring sheet

Sunday Service 24 May

This week’s challenge is to make, paint or draw a place, person or situation that makes you feel safe. In our service we will be hearing about how Jesus prayed to God to keep safe the people that had become Jesus’ friends in this world and had begun to follow him. Jesus knew he was going to be leaving them to go back to God.

‘Heart’ Activity sheet

Sunday Service 17 May

The challenge today is to build and decorate paper boats (you can build as many as you like). We are using a metaphor that COVID-19 is a storm and everyone is in the same storm but we have different boats. How can we help our boats show the grace, hope, love and light of Jesus.

Paper boat 1

Paper boat 2

Sunday Service 10 May

Lego Prayer Maze or Labyrinth

Prayer Labrinth Finger Template

Sunday Service 3 May

Activity sheet

Colouring sheet

Sunday Service 26 April

This week I would love you to make a lion mask to help us with our King of Me song. You can print out the template or try your hand at crafting or building one.

Lion Mask Template

Lion Mask craft

Sunday Service 19 April

The challenge for the young and young at heart if they wish is to junk model or create out of Lego or other items a flower/tree/garden or something of their choice which helps them think about God's creation and how we can take better care of it.  

Christian Aid Children’s Activity sheet

‘We care for God’s Creation’ colouring sheet

Easter Sunday

The Easter Eggs colouring is from

If you colour in any of your eggs we would all love to see them, you could post them on social media, post them to a friend, put them up in a window for everyone to see, email them to or you could add them to the notice board by the rectory.

The Easter Worksheet is from

Easter worksheet

Easter Egg decorations

Everyone is invited to create a Easter Garden - and use it as a focus for reflection, discussion and mediation during this special week.

Children's Resources - Hope you have fun!

If you want to hear Rev. Becky read a brilliant story called ‘The Garden, The Curtain and The Cross’ you can watch it on YouTube.

Rev. Becky says ‘I thought I would let you into a secret, when ever I hear someone talk about Zoom (the BRILLIANT means by which we now connect online) I always think about what was one of Noah's favourite nursery rhymes :-) Here is it.....Warning, it will get stuck in your head!

Through Holme CofE academy Rev. Becky is sending resources out to children and their families.

You can find them here.

HOPE Colouring Sheet

This colouring page is adapted from the colouring book "Images of Hope". It's based on the verse from Romans 15:13 ‘May the God of hope fill you with joy and peace as you trust in Him’

You are very welcome to download and print this image for your own personal use, but please note the design remains ©Jacqui Grace 2020.


Used with kind permission from Dave Walker at  

LENT 5 - HOLY GOD PRAYER colouring sheet

LENT 5 - GOD HEAR MY VOICE colouring sheet

Used by kind permission from