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I’ve not been baptised; can I still have my child done?

Both parents and godparents need to have been baptised - but don’t worry. So long as you are happy to declare your own faith in God you can be baptised at the same time, or at a separate service after some preparation.

We’re not married - will you still baptise our child?

If you’ve had a child together and want the best for him or her then that is great. Not being married is not a bar for baptism.

But if you have your child’s long-term welfare at heart, then this may also be a good time to think about making marriage vows before God - and this can even be done in the same service!

I’m a single parent - is that a problem?

Not to the church. It’s fine, so long as the child’s other parent does not have a legal right to object to the baptism.

We don’t normally come to church - is that going to be a problem?

No, but we do ask you to attend church at least once before the baptism so that you and your family feel a part of the church community which you and your child is being welcomed to.

Baptism is about joining the community of Christians. You need to think about whether that is what you want. If you want to give thanks for the safe arrival of a new baby, but are not sure about making promises you may not be able to keep, then we offer a service of Thanksgiving. Read more about this service here.

What if I’m not sure that I actually believe in God?

Good question. Sometimes the pressure to have a child baptised comes from outside - e.g. relatives or friends. When you meet the Rector the promises you have to make will be explained to you. If you are not sure that you feel comfortable publicly declaring a faith in God that you haven’t got, then there is another authorised service called Thanksgiving. This is where we give thanks for your child and give God’s blessing, but there are no commitments for you to bring them up as a Christian. You can always bring them for baptism later, or they can make their own mind up when they are older. Ask to have at what the service involves.