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Help create a prayer lawn – to remember those affected by COVID-19

We’d like to offer folk in our community a chance to ‘plant’ a knitted flower as a prayer for someone affected by COVID-19 or struggling with life due to the impact of COVID-19.

This is not an original idea but borrowed, with thanks, from Eldwick Church in Bradford. We plan to have our prayer field on the grass area around the War Memorial at All Saints’ Church, Church Causeway – at least to

start with.  

The first thing we need are volunteers who would like to knit flowers!  These don’t take long and can be very simple. I have patterns and some spare wool so if you would like either/both please contact me at or text me on 07506 411 507 and I’ll aim to deliver these to you safely.  Alternately if you are already a knitter and have some spare wool, you might like to Google ‘knitted flower demo’ for some YouTube videos. ‘How to knit a rose’ is really quick and simple.  

Once made, I am happy to collect them – or they can be left in the marked container in All Saints’ Church when it is open for prayer or personal reflection (see website for details).  

The container of knitted blooms will be available in the churchyard from 29th July and anyone passing can ‘plant’

a flower as a prayer for themselves, family, or friends.  

Sometimes it is hard to put into words the anxieties, concerns and losses caused by COVID-19 so we hope this simple act of planting a knitted flower will help.