Knowing Jesus,

Growing in God’s love

Sharing it with all

How can I learn more about Christ and get to know people better at this church?

Home Groups are safe environments where members can:

Each group is a small gathering of six to twelve people meeting twice monthly in homes in the village for bible study, sharing, worship and prayer

To join a home group please contact one of the leaders listed below

Where and when do Home Groups meet?

The morning group meet on a Thursday at 10.00am. The next meeting will be on 13 February at 3 Grange Close.

To find out more, contact

       Sue Simmons (01487) 831055

       Doreen Pattinson (01487) 834303

The evening group meet on a Wednesday at 7.45pm. The next meeting will be on 12 February at 24 Rockingham Road.

To find out more, contact

       Mark and Gwynneth Fellowes (01487) 832341